R U Lost?

1er couplet :

Are you lost in your own mind?

No egress for you, and no entry for anyone

You are running for unknown ways

Tonight we dance so high coz tomorrow we all die.


Refrain : Gimick


You are your mastermind

We know that they’re all around

Put your fingers in the air

Your ass is not stuck on your chair


They try to be superman

But they only wear the underpant

We know their master plan

You control your own brain


Tell it to Kim Kardashian

Zahia Dehar, Paris Hilton

Nabi nabi la nabila bibitch ah !

Nabi nabi la nabila bibitch ah !


Even if you can be clumsy

There’s nothing above you and me

New world order Bang Bang

New world order Bang Bang Bang



You don’t follow what is known

While they move straight on thru no fault of their own

Let them believe you’re a clown

Tonight we fuck the sorrow coz the world ends tomorrow

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