Welcome to the new era of sheep hunt, the ones that get fleeced!

Obsolete dogmas? For those who wanna be leashed

We won’t be the bitches of fanatics pushing for slavery

All that shit just comes straight out of another century


Couplet 1 :

In this fuckin’ fake world, where rule the mess

they always preach me the good word, wrong address

So try to tell me how could he let people die in pain

Despite of all that misery, I know I’m not to complain,



Refrain :

I’m hopeless again, tonight, tonight

Too many thoughts in my brain, tonight, tonight

I feel my heart that burns inside

Don’t want to have that feeling no more

I wanna be just like before

But I can’t, tonight, tonight


Couplet 2 :

I trust my intuition, my moral, my reason, rather than the poison of politic and religion

These 2 puppeteers plays with hopes and fears, we are like stooges with our cries and tears

I’m sick of always seeing the same thing. Blind submission deprives us of free thinking

All these prayers in vain, all that shit makes me insane





@ Rap2 :

I am not just a clown who entertains the crowd

My brain is my gun, my words, are my munitions

Always the same conclusions in all the nations

Conflicts of interest, lobbying so manifest


No mercy to exploit our weakness,

no pity to throw our lives, into darkness, on this chess

Between Death and Life, preachers dare, justify,

the awful road that separates the 2 sides,


Are we pawns listening bishops and kings?

We have to stop this tutorship waiting for their blessings,

How can writings face the hardship?

by narrating some shit

It makes religious so contemptuous,

by calling me miscreant, heretic, goy, infidel or impious


I’m their detractor,

Next time they should come back smarter

with arguments far more clever

than faith, that I no longer.

Fuck you rulers! fuck you creators!

I know that tomorrow I will get better


Refrain in fade out


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